Birmingham Common Law Assembly


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Step 1 – Become a Regine-Free Citizen

Regime Free Citizen

With my sovereign Rights of Natural Justice and Common Law, I hereby revoke my status as a subject of the Crown of the House of Windsor and declare myself an autonymous and sovereign individual...

Prior to signing this document, you are likely to be tacitly agreeing to a systemic structure of citizenry that you may not fully agree with…

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Step 2 – Learn about the Essence of Common Law

Constitution of the Sovereign People’s Assembly

The Sovereign Basis of Common Law Courts

The Commons of England assembled in Parliament declare that the People under God are the origin of all just power and have the supreme authority of the nation. Whatsoever is enacted and declared law by the Commons alone has the force of law, and all the people are included thereby, with or without the consent of the king. An Act to Establish the High Court of Justice, House of Commons, London, January 4th, 1649.

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[Nb: The Birnmingham Assembly template can be substituted for your own locality / community.]

Common Law Assembly Charter

Common Law Assembly Charter - Birmingham

LET IT BE KNOWN AND ACKNOWLEDGED that under the Natural Law, it is the Unalienable Right of the People as sovereign women and men to covenant into self-governing bodies to enact laws and provide for the safety and liberty go their families and communities.

Step 4 – Train To Be A Common Law Enforcement Agent

Oath of Office

Common Law Oath of Office

To be issued to any sworn agent of the Court or to all persons or law enforcement officers deputised by the Court or its Sheriffs.I,______________________________________________, being of sound mind and clear conscience, do hereby swear that I will faithfully and justly execute the office of an agent of the Common Law Court of Justice according to the best of my abilities.

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