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Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number

Shake your chains to earth, like dew

Which in sleep has fallen over you

Ye are many – they are few

Percy shelley

Common Law Documents

Regime Free Citizen

With my sovereign Rights of Natural Justice and Common Law, I hereby revoke my status as a subject of the Crown of the House of Windsor and declare myself an autonymous and sovereign individual...

Core Assembly – Create A Common Law Charter

LET IT BE KNOWN AND ACKNOWLEDGED that under the Natural Law, it is the Unalienable Right of the People as sovereign women and men to covenant into self-governing bodies to enact laws and provide for the safety and liberty go their families and communities.

Claim of Right

Issued by ___________________________________________ on _______________ In the Community of _______________________________________ I, ___________________________________________________________, give public notice of my personal CLAIM OF RIGHT and of lawful excuse...

Constitution of the Sovereign People’s Assembly

The Commons of England assembled in Parliament declare that the People under God are the origin of all just power and have the supreme authority of the nation. Whatsoever is enacted and declared law by the Commons alone has the force of law, and all the people are...

Oath of Office

To be issued to any sworn agent of the Court or to all persons or law enforcement officers deputised by the Court or its Sheriffs.I,______________________________________________, being of sound mind and clear conscience, do hereby swear that I will faithfully and...

Common Law Assembly Charter

LET IT BE KNOWN AND ACKNOWLEDGED that under the Natural Law, it is the Unalienable Right of the People as sovereign women and men to covenant into self-governing bodies to enact laws and provide for the safety and liberty go their families and communities.

It does not  take a majority to prevail…

But rather an irate, tireless minority,

Keen on setting bushfires

Of freedom

In the minds of men

samuel adams

Case Study #1 – Plaintiff Prosecution

Anthony Blair – Crimes Against Humanity / Genocide

As a representative of the British People collectively, Anthony Blair (aka his middle names ‘Charles Lynton’) has been protected by Crown militia and HM Law Courts for almost two decades without being investigated and tried as war criminal.

Documentation was falsified (‘sexed up’) and the British public were lied to – via the mainstream media – with regards to an imminent threat of Iraqi WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction); following which a coroner found the suicide of Dr David Kelly, a weapons inspector, to have been also falsified; alluding to a multi-agency cover up.

In the wake of Mr Blair and his associates’ – similarly alleged representatives of the British public – fabrication of ‘inteligence’, an illegal war was instigated in the Middle East resulting in the deaths of approximately 1,000,000 civilians and service personnel over a sustained period of many years.

“What was it about the death of David Kelly that had disturbed Falconer and Blair so much that they went on to interrupt and ultimately derail the coroner’s inquest, which had been opened routinely?”

Iraq war report: protests against Tony Blair

Case Study #2 – Child Protection

Samantha Baldwin – SRA

Samantha Baldwin has spent over £150,000 attending HM Family Law Courts. In a secret forum, without jury or public/press scrutiny her two infant sons were ‘gifted’ back to their SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) assailant – who has since been ajudged to be the boys’ sole custodian. Witness testimonies were ingnored; forensic evidence of ‘date-rape’ drugging was inverted and falsified; and Samantha was hounded and hunted in a multi-agency harrassment initiative (inc. international media corporations – see Case Study #3), culminating in a 1am police raid during which her door was broken through and her sons physically abducted from her arms by a militia of Crown ‘agents’.

Samantha has had no parental access to her two sons since 2017 and only sporadic video messages.

Samantha Baldwin speaks with Jon Wedger

BBC Criminality – press tv documentary

Case Study #3 – Community Protection from Media Corporations

Sarah Hajibagheri – Sky News

Further to the Samantha Baldwin case study (#2), Common Law looks to address the health of communities via legally binding verdicts and decisions of the Common Law Courts.

With a swathe of journalistic neglect currently in progress on the British Isles (and globally) the Birmingham Common Law Courts of Justice is looking to bring to public attention flagrant abuses of public media platforms with which to collaborate (complicity) with criminal agendas.

A Claim of Right is currently being filed with Kevin Annett (Field Secretary of the International Common Law Courts of Justice) in order to bring to trial an example of such falsified mass-media broadcasting; thus initiating a wider imperative to ‘send shock-waves’ through the journalistic profession, and heighten the professionalism and integrity of the media, as a collective discipline, from a wider community perspective.

We can have Justice

Whenever those who have not been injured

By injustice

Are as outraged by it

As those who have been


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