Kevin Annett – Covid Measures: “A One-Man Police State That Is Beyond The Law”


Kevin Annett

“Bill 19 basically creates a one-man police state that is beyond the law. When you vote, you’ll be ratifying that system of slavery.”

“It gives the lieutenant governor absolute authority to impose any measure he likes, indefinitely, without any accountability at all.”

“It places him beyond the law, so you can’t bring legal proceedings against him or any politician in his service.”

“It allows these emergency powers, connected to the police-state – measures with the so-called covid virus – it allows him to extend those laws indefinitely.”

“So why have a legislature? Why have a pretense of democracy?”

“You will have ratified a system whereby one man is ruling over you without any accountability. At all. And he’s beyond the law.”

“Why anyone would vote for that system and put the manacles around their own hands is beyond any logical explanation.”

“Those of you who still retain your mind, we call on you to do the following:

– First of all boycott the election, don’t vote, and tell all your neighbours not to.

– Secondly, on the day of teh election, in as many polling booths as possible, we will have established our organisers with an alternative voting system whereby you can go in and mark a ballot in favour of the Republic of Kanata.

– And more importantly, join the local Common Law Assembly in your area.

You can find out where that is by writing to:

or our website:

It’s only in these Republic Assemblies that you’ll be able to defend yourselves with our own Common Law sherrifs and courts.”

“Not only to resist this fraudulant election, and these unlawful, unhealthy measures of masking, but [also] the long-term plan of mandatory vaccinations – which will be imposed, by Christmas, in Canada.”

“We already know that Prime Minister Trudeau ordered 20 million doses of a so-called vaccine from a company called AstraZeneca, in England.”

David Icke Gives A Speech To The Vancouver Mega Freedom Rally


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