Samantha Baldwin – Manchester Police Raid At 1am: ‘I Was Dragged Off Into The Night’. Her Children Transported Back To Ritual Child Gang-Rapists By State Agents.


Samantha Baldwin

“The trauma that that would have caused my sons is absolutely horrific. It’s what you do if it was a drugs raid, or a killer in there or somebody who’s very dangerous.”

“I’ve seen police disclosure. They [The Police] were called by the social worker, who basically told them  that I was an emotional harm and a physcial harm. …No such evidence whatsoever.”

“Anyone who exposes social workers ends up in prison as we know…”

“The judge’s name is Judge Jeremy Lea. His name is everywhere.”

“They basically treated me like I was this crazy murderer, when I’m just a normal, loving mother. This could happen to anyone.”

“It’s absolutely indefensible. It’s disgusting. The social worker shut them down and she minimised [the children’s disclosure] like it had not happened.”

“In the police station I was held, it hit me all of a sudden in the cell and I just screamed and cried for hours.”

“My sister said, ‘All I know is that if they’re with Sam they’re safe.’ Then she was arrested.”

Karen Brewer

“The exact same abuses that happen in Australia; happened in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada. You know what they’ve got in common: The same legal set-up. The same thing is happening in New Zealand.”

“Everybody paying attention yet?”

“The whole network of the judiciary is Freemason – that’s how it’s structured.”

“This is the network of filth that is running – not only your country – but through the United Nations. The United Nations are, in fact, the administration branch of Freemason Demolay.”

“The only way we’re gonna fix this situation is if you guys start stepping it up…”

“Those [Freemason] lodges that sit in every district across your nation are in fact a work of filth: They protect each other.”

“They don’t give a shit about the children. The children are inconsequential. They are just a means for abuse. …That’s the network. A family network of filth, from generation to generation to generation. They cross-breed and inter-marry among themselves; and continue to perpetuate the abuse.”

“Freemason Demolay is a breeding programme.”

“Her children were babies when this happened. And because her husband’s family is connected, he’s now got custody of those children. Quite frankly every normal person should be outraged about it.”

“It goes on every day.”

“They don’t want you focussed on that Masonic Lodge in the district in which you live. These filthy, filthy people are connected to the Masonic Lodge of which you live.”

“You need to start paying attention to those Masonic Lodges. You need to know who comes and goes from there. You need to know who those people are connected to. This is the ‘judiciary’.”

“Samantha – if you get to see this – you have outlined the network of abuse that works collectively from the police station; to child services; to the judges in your court …they are all the keepers of each other’s secrets. It’s their normal.”

“So when you front up inside their filthy courts and play their game, they make a mockery of you – because they don’t believe there’s anything wrong with it.”

“Same with the child welfare services, they’re all involved with it. They are all connected. The head-honchos of any child-welfare service: You drill down: Where did they go to school? Who’s their daddy? And they all come out of the Freemasons. That’s not a coincidence, that’s the network.”

” ‘Demolay’ is the Freemason order of boys between the age of 9 and 21.”

“The Demolays refer to the group leader as ‘daddy’. And the ‘chapters’ of Demolay have the daughters of Master-Masons assigned to their chapters called ‘Princess’, ‘Duchess’, ‘Little Sis’ and ‘Sweetheart’. The children abuse on each other, in the Dermolay phase. Then they move up to the Freemason phase. And the judiciary. The entire judiciary is all Freemason connected, or they don’t become judiciary. That’s the network.”

“Australia, New Zealand and the rest of you watching around the world, you need to join the dots on this… You need to call this network out. The network is Freemason Demolay – that’s the network.”

“These bastards are coming for your children…”


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