Henna Maria: ‘You Believe This Heartless Machine Of Control – This Cult Of Violence – Cares About Your Health? Anybody’s Health? …What Absurd Naivety.’


Henna Maria

“…Or to believe that the way to prevent illness is to mandate masks; criminalise free breathing; force people into isolation; into house-arrest practically; and to enforce these distancing measures to stay away from other people. Does that really sound like the way to heal? The way to generate health?”

“It’s just sheer totalitarian control, and nothing more.”

“If our governments were lawful counsels of representatives; individuals that actually had the integrity and trust of us, this world would look very very different.”

“How can our bodies regenerate themselves into a thriving organism of supreme vitality if the material with which it must do so is death and decay and artificial genetically modified processed substance, that is not even food; that is not even fit for human consumption?”

“How can you create a garden out of a junk-yard?”

“One of the reasons why we have an epidemic of depression is that we are full of shit. Literally putrified, calcified faeces: Decades of bad diets lodged into our intestines.”

“This is why we need to fast, and do cleanses: To give our bodies time to regenerate.”

“These ‘health mandates’ are the greatest inversion of all time. They do the absolute opposite of what they claim to be doing.”

“They don’t give protection, they create desperation., fear, separation.”

“People that are now standing up for Human Rights, and protecting our species from totalitarian control and tyranny, are being called delusional, selfish, even sociopathic, and dangerous. In the past we would have been recognised as noble, true Humanitarians; who are willing to put their life on the line; to guard the sacred essence of Humanity for the next generations to come. But now – in this era of ‘post-truth’ – where everything is literally upside-down – we are being made into ‘traitors of Humanity’.”

“I seriously hope our Human family will wake up soon from this nightmare… From this dystopian world dreamed up by a gang of psychopaths.”

“This spell needs to break. Right now. And if you can see through this illusion – and this gaslighting – then you are part of the solution.”

“But remember the knowledge alone is not enough to change reality. We have to put the knowledge into action…”

“Just like they are continually putting out the lies, we have to continously share the Truth.”


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