US Election: Red Child Attrocities Suspect Vs Blue Child Attrocities Suspect


As the global fanfare of faux-democracy again rings out from the reds and the blues – this time in the region known as ‘USA’ – the only relevent question pitched (by anyone fully aware of the wholesale duplicity involved in modern politics) is: ‘What’s the theme linking the two apparently opposing candidates this time?’ And therefore: ‘What’s the global cult’s current priority in that region?’

So, as one example from many, here in the UK recently, the cult’s priority was invading Libya, and the subliminal question pitched to the public was: “Who would you like to choose to invade Libya? The reds or the blues?” The blues won with the leader, David Cameron – voted into office just a year prior in 2010 – and sure enough, shortly afterwards, the Libyan regime (then not yet under the control of the IMF, etc) was framed and destroyed in 2011.

The timing was no coincidence. An election ought to be considered in terms of ‘refueling’ the global cult’s mandate to operate as it pleases in that specific global region: With however many millions of people fueling the governmental system of the British Isles with their votes, the decisions made by the election winners could be justified and validated as ‘what the public wanted’.

25 million people chose to validate the governmental system by voting here in 2010, therefore it could be tactitly assumed that We The People were in accordance and agreement with our perscribed system of government …or surely they’d have abstained from the whole sorry affair, right?

President Don Trump & International Child-Trafficker Jeff Epstein

As a comparison, a vegetarian simply wouldn’t visit a steak-house at all, right? It would be peculiar for a vegetarian to go into a steak-house and order a hot-dog because it’s less meaty than a ribeye fillet, right? The fact that that person is actively involving themselves with the commerce and business of the steak-house could justifiably be interpreted as ‘supportive’, right?

“Oh but I must buy a hot-dog because I want to stop the beef being eaten you see…” This would clearly be the logic of idiocy.

Yet, continually, this is the logic employed by the electorate: The ‘lesser of two evils’ logic. “If I don’t vote at all the red/blue candidate might get in, which would be worse than the red/blue canditate! So because I am in perpetual anxiety (here in the Free World) I will vote for the candidate I have least anxiety about.” And hence the downward spiral to executive defilement and debasement incrementally worsens over time until We The People finally begin to awaken to the phoney ruse we are played by.

So now the American people are being ‘revved up’ to inflate and bolster their political system with millions and millions of votes. And the steak-house can’t loose because if they don’t buy the ribeye steaks, they’ll surely buy the hotdogs as a knee-jerk protest decision (manufactured and psychologically prompted by the continuous perceptual bombardment by the media channels).

In the red corner is Republican Trump and in the blue corner is Democrat Biden, and as both have hugely incriminating child sex abuse allegations about them, clearly the common-denominator of the coming presidential term is covering up child sex abuse.

The question for the 300+ million electorate of the USA being: “Who would you like to oversee the cover up of industrial levels of child-trafficking: Blue Deomcrat Joe Biden, or Red Republican Don Trump?”

Or, similarly, “How would you like to be shafted this time ‘Land of the Free’? Will you exercise your Right to choose being shafted with a red fillet-fork or rogered with a blue steak-tenderiser, here at the global steak-house?”

Decisions, decisions…

Collective Evolution:

Biden Family Linked To Eastern European Human-Trafficking

What Happened: Hunter Biden, the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden, apparently sent thousands of dollars to individuals allegedly involved in sex trafficking, according to a report recently released by Senate Republicans. According to the report, Biden “has sent funds to non-resident alien women in the United States who are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and who have subsequently wired funds they have received from Hunter Biden to individuals located in Russia and Ukraine…The records also note that some of these transactions are linked to what “appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”


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