Kevin Annett to Shaun Attwood: ‘I Think The Whole Church Is A Death Cult. It Says, If You Drink The Blood Of The Innocent You Will Live Forever… That’s A Death Cult.’


“…And those who are not of our group are not human and therefore you can wipe them out.”

“Canada has the image of a nice place. It’s like the local child rapist always has the most stirling reputaion in the community – Canada’s like that: It’s a huge cover for these crimes. And so the evidence is here, and that’s why the work we are doing is such a threat becauseby saying to people, “You can take back your power, we’re establishing a republic.” In fact lawfully it’s already been established five years ago: The Republic of Kanata. We’ve already got people disaffiliating from their oath of alliegence to the crown.”

“We got 46 Assemblies across the country where we divolve power back into the community and say, “The crown’s authority is finished here people. So ‘no’, you don’t have to obey covid orders; you don’t have to distance; you don;t have to do any of this. ‘We’re under our own jurisdiction now,’ and you say that to the police.”

“And people in England can do the same thing.”

“That’s the first thing the judge aways asks in the court. And you challenge them on that and say, ‘You don’t have jurisdiction over me. Where’s your authority? I don’t grant it. Goodbye’.”

Republic of kanata



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