Kevin Annett With Shaun Attwood – Child Torture: ‘I Think People Have To Develop A Conscience, Maybe Even A Soul.’


Kevin Annnett and Shaun Attwood discuss the details of commercial child-torture at an industrial level (Clip – 6mins).

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Kevin Annett

“…Especially in a hierarchical pyramid of power where you are expected to obey the psychopath up top.”

“The SS were no different than you or I. Put any one of us in the same situation and we’d be capable of doing the same thing. …We are capable of almost anything as Human Beings.”

“We’re dealing with a whole society that’s possessed: These institutions of church / state / ‘big money’ they’re just out of control and psychopathic. That’s when we realise we have to step out of this.”

“…Her dad would farm her out. Not just for rape, but for medical experimentation…”


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