Samantha Baldwin Vs Greater Manchester Police – ‘Corruption Within Police Assisting Dangerous Child Predator’


Owen Lucas – “Samantha Baldwin is doing the police work for Greater Manchester Police (the governmental militia).”

“As a professional police officer you have to sign an oath to the Crown – which itself is a Trans-National Criminal Organisation [TNCO] – and the hub is populated by horrific child-abusing criminals: Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, The Queen, Prince Philip, etc, etc. They all have weighty evidence against them, in terms of horrific child-abusing crimes…”

Samantha Baldwin’s latest video disclosing details of Greater Manchester Police Corruption in order to aid and abet a network of ritual child abuse:

Video Transcript:

“This video is about how two police officers at the Rochdale branch of Greater Manchester Police protected my sons’ abusers, ignored my then 3 and 7 year old sons and placed me and my family in further danger. I cannot name these two police officers; a man and a woman. The man is a Detective Constable who I refer to in this video as DCW. He has since been promoted to a Detective Sergeant. The woman, a detective inspector, I will refer to as DIW.

If there are any police whistle blowers within Greater Manchester police or any witnesses who want to come forward, please email me through my website which I will put in the description below, and you will be treated with total confidentiality.

I am trying to get to the bottom as to why these two police officers did their best to destroy mine and my sons’ lives and why they had such a motivation to protect the father. Is it simply because I made complaints? Or is it more sinister?

When my sons disclosed horrific abuse by their father and many others, we reported it to Greater Manchester Police. Instead of thoroughly investigating and protecting, further down the line they assisted my ex-husband in the family court in breaking our family apart and helping the abusers. Two members of the Rochdale branch of Greater Manchester police refused to investigate, consistently lied, protected the father, called us fantasists, ignored key evidence and ignored the boy’s disclosures.

My sons have named many people. I have given these names to the police, social services and many other organisations and people. Instead of protecting us, the police have put mine and my family’s lives at risk. The police, to date, have only protected my sons’ main abuser; their father and every other person involved in this paedophile ring.

Here is a timeline of what happened with the police.

My eldest son disclosed abuse by his father on 2/12/14

After speaking to the NSPCC for advice, we reported this to the police 9/12/14

My eldest son was interviewed the following day. There was no rapport building beforehand, no getting to know the interviewing officer and no child psychologist present. My traumatised 7 year old son was told ‘I am not here to be your friend’ by a cold abrupt police woman.

My husband was arrested and ‘questioned’ by DCW that evening. When I later watched the interview over a year later, I could see that it was more like a cosy chat than a proper police interview. My husband spent most of the interview trying to blame my son and me. He said to the police officer about my son ‘you can tell there’s something wrong with him’ and then he tried to shift the blame onto me.

His house was not searched. They simply asked for him to hand over his devices. He handed over his phone and a laptop. He had another laptop that he failed to hand in.

I believe that if the police had carried out a full house search, then they would have found sufficient evidence that proved the sexual abuse and drugging of my sons.

11/12/14 – DC W who interviewed my husband came to visit me with an update following on from my husband’s arrest. He said that he knew what a paedophile looked like, and that my husband wasn’t one. He described my husband as ‘an impeccable character that would stand up in court’, that ‘fathers have rights’ and made inappropriate comments such as that I reminded him of his ex-wife. He also suggested that the boys hadn’t been abused, but it was instead, a reaction to the separation between my husband and I. Me and my husband had been separated for three and a half years when my sons disclosed. The police officer gave the overall impression that he was ‘taken in’ by my husband. When I questioned him over an address that my husband would regularly attend, sometimes twice a day, he confirmed that it was a ‘known address’. He also said that it would not matter if a peadophile or drug dealer lived at that address as it doesn’t prove that your husband is a pedo.

I complained about DC W to his boss DI W. She said that she would re-assign someone else and that they would contact me within the next few days. I Didn’t hear anything.

In the meantime, my sons disclosures were becoming even more serious and disturbing. More abusers were named including paternal grandparents. My youngest son described being held under the water, fully clothed by his father until he lost consciousness. He also made disclosures of being orally raped by his father and the man who lived with his father (who was never arrested).

By the third week of December, my eldest son started to disclose that ‘daddy had injected him’ many times – even describing the fineness of the needle.

Dec 31st I went to my GP as I still hadn’t heard anything from the police and I wanted to book a sexual health check for my sons, as they hadn’t been offered one. What I didn’t realise at the time, is that these should be carried out within two weeks at the latest. As a result of my GP contacting SS, That evening I was visited by a police woman. She Talked to my eldest son on his own. Arrests were made the following morning of a gay couple and cautions were made to his mother and father in law in Devon. My eldest son told the police woman about the injections. She said that the doctor at the health check would take the hair samples and then send them back to the police forensic department to be analysed for drugs.

Hair samples were taken 6/1/15. My sons had blood samples taken, and my eldest son was externally examined. My youngest son wasn’t examined at all as he refused to take his trousers off. It later transpired that DC W had lied to the doctor at the hospital, based on what one of the alleged abusers had said in his police interview – whereby he said it was 3, 4, 5 years since he last saw the boys. (Taking into account that my youngest son was only 3 at the time) And yet interesting his husband said that it had been only a few months since they had seen the boys. Based upon DCW’s lies, the doctor tried to dissuade me from having hair samples taken for drug testing.

My youngest was interviewed at the end of January and my eldest son was interviewed for the second time at the end of Jan. (I only saw this interview over a year later, and in it he gave very clear and descriptive evidence about his father injecting him with a very very very thin needle that felt like a mosquito bite, slumped down on the sofa to describe the effect it had on him, and said that his father and his father’s housemate would go in the loft for the injections).

In spite of this clear evidence by my eldest child, unfortunately the police refused to test hair.

A family member telephoned DI W to ask about the drugs results. She yelled down the phone and refused to meet us. She would not investigate any of my sons disclosures if they hadn’t been said to the police. This is fantasy and ridiculous. Lots of men? Injections? And this is Rochdale police, where ‘lessons had apparently been learned’ in the grooming scandal, where children were ignored, called fantasists, and were drugged and raped by many men. Yet my young children were dismissed as fantasists.

The disclosures became worse and worse. It was clear that this was now a large paedophile ring, and that this wasn’t just sexual abuse, but satanic ritual abuse.

I went to see my MP at the time, Simon Danczuk due to the inaction and lack of investigation by the police. He was initially seemingly very concerned and helpful. He said “When will the police learn?” He wrote to then CC of GMP Sir Peter Fahy. On a second visit we updated him with the increasingly disturbing disclosures. He commented that ‘it sounded like a cult.’ He said that he would go and see the CS of Rochdale, Chris Sykes. In retrospect I wonder why wasn’t also invited to that meeting.

The sergeant from the dept came to visit when SD updated them with the disclosures. I gave her abuser names, and a location of an office that my eldest son had mentioned where his father would take them to be abused on Saturday afternoons. She was uninterested. She didn’t take any notes. She refused to check the CCTV outside the offices. The only name she took down was to one of the abuser’s brothers having been previous convicted for the rape and attempted murder of his wife.

I arranged to see SD again, but he told us not to attend the meeting, saying that Rochdale police were ‘doing all they can.’ There was a complete change. He literally went cold on us and a wall was effectively put up. I still haven’t got the bottom of this. I later discovered that he had a very close connection with Rochdale care home provider Jonathan Rigg. Danczuk even praised Rigg in parliament for his care homes. There is also a link between my ex husband and Rigg; my ex husband rented a large property to Rigg, for one of his many care homes for vulnerable children and teenagers in the Rochdale area.

Me and my family moved areas when it was clear that this was a large pedo ring and the police were not investigating.

Family court proceedings started end 2015 when my ex husband was released from police bail conditions.

At the beginning of 2016 I heard about the IICSA who were looking at historical cases of institutional failures concerning child abuse. I called them, and they put me in touch with a DCI from GMP. This police officer agreed to testing boy’s hair, when I informed him that the hair samples did meet with the requirements of testing. The hair had been sat there in forensics since the beginning of 2015 when the samples were originally taken. A few weeks later we got the Results. They were positive for a number of sedatives, one of which ,zolpidem, was the current date rape drug of choice as it is difficult to detect in the hair if there have only been small doses. The drugs were in all sections of the hair samples from root to tip.

To my dismay I discovered that DC W that I had complained about was still involved in the case. Upon reading the lab report of the drugs found in my sons hair there was a summary and background to the case written. The person at the laboratory said that DC W stated that the last contact between the father and my sons was August 2014. This was a total fabrication, it was the 1st December 2014 when he last saw them. Even my ex husband said this. DC W was deliberately trying to cover up for the father by lying. There is proof that the father’s contact with my sons was consistently a few times a week, right up until the day before Louis’ first disclosure.

Furthermore, when I had sight of the full police disclosure I saw an email, from DC W to the DCI when forwarding the drug results saying “Boss, copies of the hair report for your information. Don’t think this changes a great deal, but she will make a great deal of the results.” How on earth could he say that evidence of my sons being drugged wasn’t a big deal?

Also in the police disclosure were minutes taken of meetings whereby DCW commented that he believed that that the father was innocent, therefore negatively influencing everyone who attended the meeting.

One of the most concerning things was the emails between DI W and the forensic expert at the police when asking about the requirements of a hair sample. These were the requirements: (in an email from forensic expert to DI W)

…”we would need abut 4 weeks worth of hair growth and a pencil sized thickness amount taken from the root and measuring about 4-5cm long. A period of 4 weeks must pass between the drug being administered and the hair sample being taken, in order to allow for hair growth, as it is within the new hair growth that the drug can be detected. Beyond that 4 week growth period, the chances of detecting a one-off dose will begin to decrease. Regular drug use can still be detected The length of the hair will need to be appropriate to the time period you need to analyse for – hair grows at the rate of 1cm per month , so if you wish to determine whether the individual was taking drugs 6 months ago, then the hair would need to be 6cm long.”

So the hair sample DID meet with the requirements – it had been 5 weeks last contact with their father, so any drugs would have emerged from the root into the hair shaft. They stated that 1cm equals to 1 month of hair growth. My sons hair samples measured 7cm and 5.5cm, therefore equating to approx. 7 months of hair growth from June-November, and 5.5 months of hair growth from July-November. (This also entirely disproves the Judge’s findings that my sons were drugged in mid – end Dec – that is impossible!)

The DI refused to test my sons’ hair for drugs at the beginning of 2015. In her statement to the family court on the 9th August 2016 she states:

“The reasons it was not sent off is because we received advice that without the root and given the length of time that had passed, the results would not be reliable. The cost was also an added issue and upon advice it did not receive authorisation to be tested.”

It doesn’t say that the root needs to be pulled out?! The hair is cut with scissors as close to the scalp as possible. Corruption or negligence? This is what we are dealing with

I also read in the police disclosure that the only reason that our case was sent to the CPS was “to offer further protection to the father and because I had a history of complaining.”

The DC and the DI both appeared as Witnesses in family court to support father.

I was horrified to see a number of lies in the DC’s statement:

(The lies about when the father last saw my sons to try and stop the hair from being tested and sabotage the investigation and negatively influencing every single professional he was involved with in the case – nursery workers, social workers, doctors and now the family court.

I was equally as horrified to read DIW’s damning comments in her statement:

(She stated that the boys became confused about what was real and what wasn’t real). She stated that my eldest son had only disclosed as he was rewarded with his great grandads war medals after his first disclosure, to please us he continued to disclose. She also said that she had never been as concerned about two children as she was with my children.

Yet she never met any of us, including my sons. The DC also never met my sons

The two police officers did their best to destroy my sons lives. I hope that one day they are exposed for what they did, and how they abused their power as police officers to try and destroy my family.

These two police officers later had a meeting with my estranged father, who was showing no support at all. He told me that during that meeting the police told him that “it was all a load of rubbish and none of it had happened.”

As soon as the judge made false findings against me that I had drugged my sons to set the father up, I had a polygraph test, which I also sent to DC W. He emailed back saying that he was not interested and that he would be destroying it.

I have complained about these two police officers, but the complaints have been totally ignored.”


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