UK COLUMN – Brian Gerrish: ‘Who’s Driving This Government Of Occupation?’


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Brian Gerrish

“It’s just amazing the information coming in these days. And as we pull it apart it’s amazing where it takes us…”

“So this is from 2014. It’s a reply to a freedom of information request, that was put into the Ministry of Defence by the Campaign Coordinator, Campaign Against Arms Trade.”

“…Details of external meetings of Susanna Mason, Director of Exports and Commercial Strategy (May 2012 – Dec 2013).”

The reply is a fascinating document… because it was focusing on the international arms trade in the Middle East.”

“…Commerical people; people from the Cabinet Office; people from the Commonwealth Office; we’ve got senior military individuals; and also we’ve got the black lines indicating where the government is very keen to redact, or black out, people it doesn’t want the public to know about…”

“EG: ‘Typhoon Meeting’ with Sir Jeremy Haywood – ‘Full list of attendees not recorded’.”

Jeremy Heywood
Jeremy Heywood

“…A one hour ‘UK Export Finance’ meeting with British Aerospace, and what’s interesting with this is that you’ve got some Foreign Office people that are named, but one who isn’t: We’ve got a Cabinet Office person who isn’t named.”

” ‘Why should they be secret?’, is my question?”

Cabinet Office Redaction

“I don’t think they should be secret from the British public.”

“Here’s ‘UK/UAE Strategic Partnership’. Even David Cameron is mentioned by name, so it’s not that secretive; when we get to meetings that our own Prime Minister is in with Sir Kim Darroch the National Security Advisor.”

“Going through, we’ve simply got: ‘Purpose Not Recorded’ by Julian Miller, Cabinet Office. So very intereseting to know what was taking place there…”

Julian Miller

(Julian Miller British Goverment Cabinet Office: ‘Purpose not recorded’)

“Here we’ve got a one hour Cabinet Office meeting, brackets ‘French’ – where the attendees are simply not recorded…”

“…That would’ve been one of the secret meetings where they were dealing with EU defence unification. That’s what we were warning about when Cameron was having the meetings with Sarkozy, at the time.”

“This is where it gets interesting, because we discovered that on 18th October, 2013, we had ‘Office Call’ – ‘Purpose not recorded’ – but it was ‘Conrad Bailey, No 10′ from the ‘MOD [Ministry of Defence] Main Building’ and we see a very interesting gentleman: Lex Greensill, of CE Greensill Capital.”

Lex Greensill - Crown Representative Network

“I looked at that and I thought, I’m pretty sure that must be a hedge fund…”

“So let’s have a look at this organisation: This company is now boasting it’s helping to pay NHS salaries, because really the government can’t keep up with what’s happening. So a hedge fund has stepped in to make sure that people of the NHS are paid. It’s got (a mere) $143 billion available…”

“[Lex Greensill] started out from nothing … was brought up in a farming family in Australia, but he’s worked up this business from 2011, as you do, with £143 billion, all on his own, from a farm in Australia, apparently.”

David Cameron PM - Senior Advisor Greensill CE Capital

“…Right Honourable David Cameron, who was in government at the time this organisation was sitting having quiet meetings with people in the Ministry of Defence…”

Mike Robinson

“So here’s Mr Gree