John Pilger On Assange – ‘It’s Our Responsibility To Stand By A True Journalist’


“It’s said that whatever happens to Julian in the coming weeks will diminish freedom of the press, but which press?

“The Guardian, the BBC, The New York Times, the Jeff Besoz Washington Post?

“No the journalists in these organisations can breathe freely.

“The Judases on The Guardian, who flirted with Julian, exploited his landmark work, made their pile, then betrayed him, have nothing whatsoever to fear.

“They are safe because they are needed.

“Freedom of the press now rests with the honourable few: The exceptions, the dissidents on the internet who belong to no club, who are neither rich nor laden with Pulitzer prizes, but who produce fine, disobiedient, moral journalism.

“Meanwhile it’s our responsibility to stand by a true journalist whose sheer courage ought to be an inspiration to all of us who believe that freedom is still a possibility – I salute him.”

Julian Assange


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