Dot Connector – David Icke: ‘A Tyranny Charter’


Dot Connector – David Icke: ‘A Tyranny Charter’

David Icke

“The deletion of freedom.”

“The narrative makes no sense, in relation to its alleged danger, by ratio of the way society is being transformed, as a result of it.”

“The keen eyed barrister, Matthew Scott, an experienced barrister, is among many neutral observers greatly disturbed by what is happening. You may not like Mr Corbyn…”

“…Hastily made law…”

“So they skewed the law, the day before; specifically to target Piers Corbyn…”

“…And that’s what we’re dealing with – it’s fascism.”

“Niether debated, nor given the most cursory scrutiny by any parliamentary process.”

We don’t have a parliament – it’s been suspended!”

“Britain and these other countries around the world are being run / controlled by an occupational government. Not a democratic one: A government of occupation! Which are making decisions arbitrarily, based on what suits their political, and occult, agenda. …And not what is fair, just and reasonable.”

'Fine And Ancient Tradition Of Trouble-Makers'

Gareth Icke

“During all the Black Lives Matter protests they all took the knee.”

David icke

“This is all part of the depopulation programme. Which is why I keep saying: ‘We draw a line now’; or, we’re going to go into a level of dystopia that people will find hard to imagine…”

“I can imagine it, because I’ve been uncovering what the plan is for thirty years. It’s real.”

“…They’re doing it in many and varied ways – not least through the human-caused climate hoax…”

Ooh if it wasn’t for you old people none of this would’ve happened… …And by the way, if we didn’t have old-people we wouldn’t have Brexit…

…It’s still dangerous because they [young people] can give it to old people…” Evidence for that: Zilch.”

“So they’re justifying all of this to protect old-people. By the way I’m 68.”

“I don’t wanna be protected from something that I don’t need to beprotected from, thank you very much.”

“So at the same time as you’re using the reason ‘old-people’ to lockdown everybody else, you’re killing them. Systematically.”

“Not just with ‘do not resuscitate’ laws…”

“[Johnson] cannot say whether families will be able to celebrate Christmas together. Well I can!”

“It was always in the script, that Christmas was essentially cancelled. Coz they’re going to go crazy this winter; with the fear-hysteria, and the manipulation of the figures, to give a false view as to what is going on…”

“The winter is the time when they’re going to go full-blown: Project Fear, and full-blown fascism.”


David Icke

 “Time to look fascism in the eye and show who really has the power…”

“The illusory perceptiom that authority has power. It does not. It only has the power we give them … If people start to do this en mass, or in much greater numbers, it become’s unenforceble.”

“…How this has incrementally happened since March.”

“C’MON AUSSIE! This is not a time to be scared! It’s not a time to be intimidated! What are you doing being intimidated by these psychopathic fascists? They are little boys in short trousers! They are terrified of you awakening and even more they are terrrified of you coming out and using the power of ‘NO’ collectively!”

Ralph Smart – Infinite Waters

“I told you this was coming…”


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