9/11/2020 – Michael Tsarion & David Whitehead ‘The Psychology Of Conspiracy DENIERS’


Michael Tsarion

“Intellectual violence being deified.”

“These are people that have so little respect for knowledge that they think it can be territorialised – like a dog urinating on a lamppost.”

“The word only means getting together; having a common goal. ‘Con-spire’ – to breath together; to work together. That can be for the good as it can be for the bad.”

“…They are quite wrong in their representation of the subject, because all it really means is that someone has decided of their own free-will to step back from the canvas and look at the bigger picture.”

“What I am describing is a ‘right-brained’ person; and there are no right-brained scientists.”

“It’s just intellectal violence from highly authoritarian people. …What you saw there was academic, intellectual, grandstanding – and extreme hubris.”

“They’ve been awarded the badge, David, and they’ve been awarded the parking space: There’s no greater tyrant walking the face of the Earth. …And they’ll use the media – like the dog pissing against the lamppost – and it’s off limits to any other person.”

David Whitehead

“You can’t question the status-quo; you can’t question authority; you can’t question the new priest-hood: whoever’s going to be put out as: ‘These are the experts. Don’t think for yourself’.”

“They are trying to accuse people such as ourselves, who are honestly looking at these kinds of anomalies, and elements of history and political climate; they’re trying to make it look like we’re trying to dodge some truth that they know.”

Michael Tsarion

“They misrepresent psychology more than they could represent any other subject. …They have literally put in the struts and foundations of an anti-psychological society.”

“The Truth needs no defence.”

William Casey

(William Casey – CIA Director 1981-87)

Millions of people all over the world—including, by one estimate, half of the U.S. population—believe in conspiracy theories. Today, that figure may be even higher, according to political scientists and psychologists who study the phenomenon.

In this LIVE episode I interview Author/Conspiracy researcher Michael Tsarion about the recent attempts by the media to discredit and accuse alternative researchers and conspiracy investigators of “Narcissism” being “Misguided by uneducated opinion” “Psychological Delusion” & “Spurious accusation” as well as the recent FBI document which warns that “conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat.”

Is there any truth to these claims?

Do real political conspiracies actually exist?

Is there a conspiratorial element to human nature itself?

Is there a psychological blindspot to the conspiracy deniers themselves that is being conveniently overlooked?

These questions and more.

Leo Tolstoy


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