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Wilfred Wong

” The public’s knee-jerk reaction of scepticism.”

“SRA is a brutal form of mis-treatment that is inflicted on children and vulnerable adults and it involves physical, psychological and sexual abuse, and it is done in the context of Satanist rituals … over many years. It inflicts huge damage on the survivors. Some of the victims of SRA do not survive. Sometimes they are murdered as part of the ritual. ‘Ritual sacrifice’. It is the satanists’ beliefs and the satanists’ rituals that encompass these attrocities. It’s sex abuse and torture combined together, repeated over and over.”

“It’s hell basically, for the victims. And when they ‘come out the other end’ – if they survive -and they try and tell their story to others; usually they are victimised a second time by people ‘rubbishing’ what they are trying to reveal. …I would refer to that as a secondary form of abuse.”


(Nicky from Rochdale, Lancashire – survivor of SRA. Interviewed by Lou Dickens)

“One thing that makes it hard for the public to accept is because it’s so awful. Unimaginable horror.”

“So there was a time in the UK, not that long ago, when even child sex abuse was disbelieved – because that was too horrible to accept.”

“…Although I am pleased to say that the public interest in SRA – and bringing it to be seriously considered as a real issue – is starting to shift in the right direction.”

“One advantage America has [in disclosing SRA] is that it is a more open society than the UK. And it is easier to talk about these subjects over there, than in the UK and other parts of Europe.”

“All of them [at SRA victims & survivors meetings] had D.I.D. (Disaccociative Identity Disorder) – which used to be called ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’. So I saw some adults in front of me shifting from their core adult personality to a little child’s personality.”

“These fragmentations of their core personality – what we call ‘alters’ (alternative personalities) – is actually a survival mechanism.”

“It’s a survival mechanism that victims of SRA, especially children, ‘use’ – because what they are subjected to is so horrible, so horrific, that mentally the child cannot cope. So what they do is fragment their mind into other personalities to cope with the torture and the abuse. And they let that personality bare the brunt of the suffering, and that enables the core personality to remain safe, and distance from it.”

“So in many of these cases you will find child personalities, who still exist at the time. …for example there may be a case of an SRA survivor who formed a child personality in 1974, when the person was subjected to SRA. And many years later that child personality may come up, for example during therapy, and he or she will still think – in that child personality – that it’s 1974.”

“There is also sometimes what you would call a ‘guardian personality’ who is like the bodyguard. There to help protect the core-personality. That ‘guardian personality’ can be very aggressive and overly assertive. And if it’s a female core-personality the ‘guardian personality’ might even take the form of a male, to add to the aggressive nature of the ‘alter’.”

“So it’s a sad fact that about 80% of people suffering from D.I.D. are SRA survivors. That means that the majority of DID sufferers have DID because they were subjected to the most horrible abuse and torture by satanist abusers. And the only way they could survive and cope was through the fragmentation of their core personality into all these different personalities.”

“I know of an SRA survivor who was abused from a very young age, since she was a baby, and she has hundreds of ‘alters’, literally hunderds.”

“It’s not impossible for them to integrate all of their ‘alters’ into the core-personality; but it usually takes years of therapy.”

“Some SRA survivors get so used to it, and see the positive side of it, that they find it hard to let go of the separate ‘alters’ … they’ve grown rather fond of having that ‘alter’.”

“One way to find out more about SRA in a location or city, is to talk to the therapists who specialise in dealing with DID. And see if they are willing to share with you what they know. Some of them may be afriad to talk about SRA because they think it will damage their careers, if they do so. But others will be more willing to just be up front about it, because they believe in exposing this evil. In fact the only way to stop this evil is to expose it. For too many years it’s been hidden from public knowledge.”

“So I was in this building full of SRA survivors shifting from one ‘alter’ to another. They were badly damaged. I felt so sorry for them. It can be a shock to anyone who’s not seen this before. And the doctor told me that a local Member of Parliament [MP] had visited him, and she did not last more that about one and a half hours before she made some excuse to leave, because it was just too disturbing for her.”

(Lissy – SRA survivor from the south coast of England – interviewed by ex-vice detective, Jon Wedger)

“I do surveillance on satanist covens and I know that they like to meet – not only on the dates of the satanic calendar – they also like to meet on the birth dates of their members, because (as you said earlier) they also believe in the worship of oneself. So for them the birth date is like the birth of God. Because they regard themselves as being gods. And satanism is not only about worshipping the devil as god, but also considering oneself as god. And so the birth date is a significant religious day you could say. …So they keep the devil in the background and they say “Oh we’re just worshipping ourselves. What’s wrong with that?” The problem is that that leads to an attitude of: We can do whatever we want and there’s no such thing as us doing wrong, regardless of who it may harm so long as we get our satisfaction.”

“Anton Levey, the former head of the church of satan in the USA, he summed it up as ‘do whatever thou wilt’ [satanic lore – see Alistair Crowley].”



“Again it’s the language. People have got to understand the difference between legal and lawful” – A Warrior Calls


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