2 Corbyns: Two Faces?


2 Corbyns: Two Faces?

Bear with me for a quick summary of the theory of covert tyranny: ‘Divide and Rule’, with an eye to controlling both sides of the proverbial chess board. Hence you can’t lose.

As David Icke regularly points out, the majority of nation states have a two-party political landscape: Red vs Blue (the colours of Freemason ‘lodges’). Either or. The people are invited to choose their colours / allegiance and battle the assumed ‘enemy’. Few aspects forge humanity together into a more dynamic and loyal corp / core / coeur (heart) than a common enemy – therefore it would make perfect sense for a covert, overarching control network to offer up – simultaneously and insidiously – both opposing ‘camps’ to the populous; garner money, loyalty and compilance via the campaigns; and then manipulate administrative and political proceedings fairly easily and comprehensively, in the process – from the shadowy wings of the pantomime theatre.

To achieve this scenario requires ‘heroes’. The ‘cult of personality’ engenders a bond from the masses to an individual. In a similar way to how a parent would glean adulation from a child. A leader, a champion, a noble and wistful standard-bearer that evokes sub-conscious emotions of Arthurian defence and protection of the realm and of all that is holy, just and wholesome… Etc, etc. You get the picture.

Ok, theory done. In summary: Control of the masses / ‘Divide & Rule’ (fear of opponent) / Cult of Personality / Noble Champions (forging the people together in their struggle).

Here in (Great) Britain we also have, predictably, a red political party and a blue political party, eternally pitched against each other in a perpetual battle of good vs evil …ad infinitum.

Recently the personality leading the red party; the alleged ‘People’s Party’ – The Labour Party – was a man named Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn - Fabian Society

(Jeremy Cobyn – “The Fabian society has always been associated with the upper echelons of the Labour Party, and at present has approx. 7000 members. Its youth wing is also a powerful networking group for future aspiring politicians with Labour … Furthermore, every Labour Prime Minister has also been a member of the Fabian Society as have the majority of labour leaders who were in opposition. However it is a relatively secretive society, and it does not typically post current members explicitely.“)

After a clamour for ‘The People’s Party’ to return to anti-blue-party (Conservative) principles, after the ‘New Labour’ – Tony Blair’s – premiership, Labour (historically affiliated to the Fabian Society) presented the people with Jeremy Corbyn; a man with a reputation for anti-establishment, reactionary, socialism. A fire-brand with revolt and revolution in his blood …or so we are led to believe.

Jeremy Corbyn was greeted with a fanfare of support from the left-leaning masses (as was Tony Blair, ironically).

“Now!” hailed the masses in unison, “We have a champion who will really shake things up in the Palace of Westminster for ‘We The People’!” …where, incidentally, everyone in attendance has to swear allegiance to the Crown, and sign oaths to the intelligence agencies, etc.

Fabian Society - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

(The original Fabian Society logo: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.)

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘opponents’ in the blue corner were, chronologically, two Conservative leaders with enough dirt on them to make the inside of a facial muzzle seem wholesome and healthy. David Cameron had an international ‘Missing 8th nuke from South Africa’ arms deal scandal hanging over him, plus the Carlton TV child-abuse cover up crimes (‘Sleese-Fix’); while Teressa May as both Home Secretary and Prime Minister had clearly been handed the role of ‘chief deep-cleaner’ with regards to the ever-exponentially-increasing tsunami of social services, law-enforcement and judicial abuses emitting from Family Law Courts. Whereby children are being industrially trafficked under the supervision of HM (Her Majesty’s) judical system. Not to mention another governmental lost dossier of VIP pedophile evidence, just prior, predictably, to her being promoted to Prime Minister.

Not only did Corbyn (of the People’s Party) neglect to contend any of these crimes against humanity in the ‘House of Commons’ forum of the Palace of Westminster; but he tacitly supported Teressa May’s stance on Biblical-scale horrors meted out to children and families by writing an open letter, to the glut of parents requesting his assistance,  and absconding his responsibilties in resisting such abominations; which clearly correlate to the Agenda 21 directive to assault the family unit.

Furthermore reports of local constituents crying out for his attention to turn towards persistent evidence of children’s ‘care home’ abuses, in his parliamentary constituency of Islington North, were also ignored by Mr Corbyn, of The People’s Party.

Agenda 21: – ‘Restructuring The Family Unit’ / ‘Children Raised by The State’

Agenda 21 - Restructuring The Family Unit

(David Icke Summarises Agenda 21)

So Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of the alleged ‘opposition’ to the government had a plethora of, what might be described as, ‘open goals’ with which to ‘slam-dunk’ the Conservative government from the perspective of ‘jaw-dropping criminality’ – and yet he neglected to employ any of them; choosing to predominantly concentrate his oppositional strategy on topics such as economic priorities, and Brexit squabbling.

I would often quiz my Labour fanatical friends as to the logic of Corbyn – as ‘leader of the opposition’ – declining to focus on such glaring governmental / systemic crimes; if his objective, genuinely, was to oppose the government. The riposte would invariably return to reference Corbyn’s younger days when he was once arrested. Apparently proving that he was legitimate and authentic, and therefore certainly not a shill.

A question: Do photographs of altercations with law enforcement infallibly prove that the protagonist is not a ‘divide & rule’ chess-piece; strategically positioned in order to garner support from the masses with the covert intention of manoeuvring perception and awareness away from areas of the global elite ‘s vulnerability?

As a closing point: The parents of Jeremy and Piers Corbyn were apparently Marxists, yet they decided to reside in a ‘landed’ rural estate.

…So many anomalies.

Jeremy Cobyn

Piers Cobyn

Piers Corbyn
Order Out Of Chaos
Order Out Of Chaos


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