Republic Of Kanata – Kevin Annett (ICLCJ): All Covid Measures ‘Criminalized’ And ‘Struck Down’.


“We are telling the authorities to stand down through our Common Law Assemblies.”

 Kevin Annett – International Common Law Courts Of Justice (ICLCJ): Press Release

A Law was passed today by a council of Canadian Citizens’ Assemblies that struck down and criminalized all COVID measures requiring masking, distancing, quarantining, and vaccines.

Under the new Public Safety Law NCCLA Order No. 09082020-A, any attempt to impose such measures on Canadians is considered a punishable crime and can result in the arrest and trial of the offender, regardless of their office. Canadians are encouraged to actively resist COVID measures, relying on the new law and local Common Law Sheriffs.

Copies of the NCCLA documents are posted at under “Media”. Write to

Posted 7-8 September , 2020.

Covid Measured Outlawed

“Free to actively resist these measures now”

The law was issued by the National Council of Common Law Assemblies (NCCLA), which unites more than forty such Assemblies across Canada within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata. The NCCLA also issued a Stand Down Order to all government, police and health officials that requires that they not enforce COVID measures and comply with the new law.

Republic Of Kanata
Republic Of Kanata

Kevin Annett

“Any individual, or member of these institutions, that try to impose these measures on citizens is guilty of a crime. In fact they are engaged in a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ and a criminal conspiracy to attack the liberty and health of citizens.

“As such the offenders can, and will, be tried under this law: They can be arrested and fined; tried in Common Law courts (that are being set up by the Assembles); and imprisoned.”

“All police are obligated, by the law, to enforce this law, or be charged with obstructing justice.”

“This is a declaration of independence from this corporate tyranny being imposed on all Canadians and all people all over the world.”

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