UK Column Exclusive – ‘Covid 19 Test Kits’ Ready For Market In 2017

UK Column disclose an online retail wholesaler database, WITS (World Integrated Trade Solution), offering ‘Covid-19 Test Kits’, in 2017.

Soon after the UK Column team began compiling the explosive details the website product title was changed to ‘Medical Test Kits’.

However the product code (as shown in the screen grabs) clealy correlates both item descriptions, despite the switch.

Mike Robinson

This is 2017, so people are a bit confused as to what’s going on…

The question is, “What is going on here?

 Let’s just remind everybody about the excess mortality during the lockdown period in the UK, caused by – not covid-19 -but by the fact that the NHS are completely reorientatedin the way they do business; purely towards covid-19, to the detrimentof everything else.

Brian Gerrish

We can see there is a collaboration in compiling the news, and the main drift of the news. …There are some interesting questions to be asked.


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