David Icke & Passion Harvest – The Answer, Covid & Behaviour Manipulation: ‘A Dramatic Rewiring Of Human Behavior’

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“If you look at the sub-conscious aspect to the masks: Fist of all, it is a symbol. The language of the sub-conscious is symbols. Symbolism.”

“That’s why this cult, and it’s secret society expressions, have this whole language of symbolism.”

“They have a whole language of symbolism. And the symbolism, which impacts upon the perception of the sub-conscious, of masks; is subjugation, submission; the obvious symbolism of silencing; but it’s also deleting  individuality.”

Covid Mask

“You have this mumble-mask language and it’s deleting individuality. And all this is impacting upon the sub-conscious mind – which then becomes conscious behaviour.”

“So forcing masks on young children, all day: I mean what is that? First of all the masks, and the unsocial distancing, is saying psychologically, and sub-consciously, ‘Humans are dangerous. Your fellow Humans are dangerous: You are a danger to them. They are a danger to you. And it’s pushing people apart.”

“Then when you realise the Black Lives Matter (created in America) is 100% owned front for the 1%, you see why that is being used to drive people apart.”

And if there’s a few of you, and you want to control the many – becuae that’s how scared you are – then you’ve got to ‘divide and rule’ the many. Otherwise if you don’t divide them: If they come at you with unity in what they’re dealing with; then you’ve got absolutely no chance.”

“When you look at these impositions, which have transformed Human society, they’re nothing to do with health; they are to do with psychology.”

“So what they’ve done in Britain, outrageously, is they’ve said, “Ok. Well we’ll have these ‘flying channels’ where you can go on ‘oliday in Spaain.” …and then when the people get there the government suddenly announces: ‘Oh no no! There’s been rising cases in Spain! You’ve got to get back immediately,” buying new tickets, at a massive cost, “otherwise if you don’t get back you’ve got to go into quarantine for 14 days’.”

“This is nothing to do with health! It’s to do with constant upheaval, constant chaos. Which is all about psychologically controlling the people.”

“And this extrordinary man in Victoria [Australia], Daniel Andrews, he is a vehicle… What he is imposing is nothing less than fascism.”

“People get this idea about fascism that it’s people in jack-boots, goose-stepping down the street; and people with stupid moustaches: Fascism is the imposition of authority to delete the freedoms of the population down to fine detail. That’s what we are seeing around the world, as fascism.”

“It’s only possible because of another psychological programme, and if people delete this programme this stuff will end in a ridiculously short time. And that programme is to psychologically convince the population that authority has power…”

“They had perceptually accepted that authority was telling them the Truth about a deadly virus. It wasn’t.”

Covid Mask

“So the foundation of the few controlling the many, psychologically, is the perception of the many that: ‘Authority has power’. It does not. That’s what they are terrified of people realising.”

“The power – the perceived power, the illusion of power, that authority appears to have, is simply the aquiescence of the population… which involves the population giving their power to authority.”

“They recycling it back. And because it recycles back, then the population thinks that authority has power. The majority haven’t sussed that the authority that’s being imposed upon them, by authority, is the power they’ve given to authority.”

“A few weeks ago we had thousands of people in Britain heading for the beaches, and there were so many people heading for the beaches (a really hot period) that ‘social distancing’ was impossible. Too many people. …And the local authority declared, ‘a major incident’.

“…So, um, what are you gonna do about it?”

What are you gonna do about it?


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