Sonia Poulton & Shaun Attwood Discuss ‘The RAINS List’


Sonia Poulton

“Having known Joan, I think she would have compiled it in an extremely forensic manner.”

“She wasn’t prepared to put anyone down on that list unless several independent people – who didn’t know each other – said the same thing.”

“Now 5 children said that [Edward Heath sexually abused them with a mechanical hand]. What are the chances?”

“She [Joan Coleman] was very very clear that the issue of child abuse – and ritualistic child abuse – went from the upper echelons of society to the lower.”

“Gathered there often in Masonic rituals…”

“…One child had escaped; and they released the dogs on the child, and the dogs had savaged and murdered the child in front of the other children as a warning not to try and escape.”

‘…And it was an estate that Edward Heath used in Wiltshire.”

Shauan Attwood (44mins)

“The Bush and Clinton crime familes were working together.”


Sonia Poulton

“This is all very calculated what takes place.”

“These people are put in place because they are already proved their worth, and they are already, also, blackmail-able.”

“What security services contacts have told me very clearly is – other than drugs; other than bombs and war-weaponry – child-abuse is the best currency they’ve got, that they can use against each other.”

The ‘R.A.I.N.S List’ – Joan Coleman.

The ‘R.A.I.N.S List’ – Joan Coleman.

Over the course of her career, highly experienced and qualified child psychologist, Joan Coleman, compiled and collated: 'The RAINS List': The list is populated by child abuse criminals repeatedly named by multiple child-rape victims, independant of each other. Those...

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