Kevin Annett – ICLCJ North American Field Secretary: 50,000 Murdered In Canadian Child Death Camp Genocide

Kevin Annett divulges, in detail, the exodus of high ranking German scientists – with similar profiles to Joseph Mengele; and assisted in escaping the Nuremberg trials via the Catholic Church’s ‘Rat Lines’ (Operation Paperclip) to the Americas; where they were given access to such ‘schools’ as Kamloops Catholic orphanage.

Annett states that the mortality rates in such ‘schools’ were higher than the death rates at the Nazis death camps during the war.

Annett continues; to describe the circumstances whereby 10 indiginous American infants were taken out from Kamloops, on October 10th, 1964, by Elizabeth Windsor and her husband and were never seen again…

An added dimension to this slaughter materialises whereby the bodies of the ten children were discovered positioned in a formation that pointed towards a ritual sacrifice. Moreover the number ten is significant. Ten children, tenth day of the tenth month, and also the numerilogical sum of the year: 1964.  1+9=10 / 6+4=10

Kevin Annett Interviewed By Owen Lucas

Full Interview (without graphics)

Part 1

Part 2

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See the evidence of genocide in Canada and globally at and and .

Some of Kevin’s books can be ordered here:
Murder by Decree – The Crime of Genocide in Canada:

Unrelenting: Between Sodom and Zion:

Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty: A Common Law Training Manual

At the Mouth of a Cannon: Conquest and Cupidity on Canada’s West Coast,

Truth Teller’s Shield: A Manual for Whistle Blowers & Hell Raisers:

Establishing Liberty: The Case for the Republic of Kanata

Here We Stand: The Call of the New Protestant Reformation

Fallen – The Story of the Vancouver Four:

The Sacrifice – Of Family and Empire:

1497 and so on: A History of White People in Canada or, The Caucasian Healing Fund :

The Border: A Post-Canadian Anthology

Kevin’s award winning documentary film Unrepentant can be viewed at See also an insightful personal interview “Who is Kevin Annett?” (2013) at: and also: and


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