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“Uniformed bandits in masks.”

“United in understanding that we are all in the gunsights of fascism.”

“…Imposing fascism on the people. It’s happening all over the world.”

“The psychopathic mentality: which has been recruited into so many positions in the police force; as genuine, decent police offiers have left; either because they can’t stand it or they’ve retired.”

“You have this transformation of the police: From a public service, to serving the interests of the state. They always have. It’s why the police was created, basically.”

“What we have seen in the aftermath of those protests around the world, is just how terrified The System is, of people in significant numbers seeking to aquiesce with their own enslavement.”

“The politicisation of the police. …Obviously we are not dealing with a fair, just and honest police force. Thus we have to change our attitudes and response to the police with that understanding.”

“Black Lives Matter: Used to ‘divide and rule’ the population on the grounds of race.”

It’s all intimidation because they are terrified of people standing up and saying ‘No more!”

“The whole pandemic hoax is being driven, from the start, by psychologists, who modify and transform the behaviour of Humanity.”

“But the biggest ‘mind-spell’ they have to cast on the Human mind – without which none of the others could work – is the perception that authority has power. It doesn’t.”

“They own the media; they own Silicon Valley; they own the governments; they own the major corporations (like Amazon)… But they are terrified of something. They are terrified of the Truth, because their lies are so tenuous; so full of holes; so unsupportable by the evidence that the Truth is devastating to them.”

“People are starting to see it’s unsupportable because what ‘the story’ is saying and their personal experience, just ain’t matching up.”

“More and more people are speaking out. More and more people are coming out from the medical professions and speaking out. …The more it unraveles, the more extreme and hysterical they get.”

“You corner the rat – apologies to rats – and it starts to lash out…”

“The idea that authority has power is a myth, an illusion.”

“The idea should be to have a police force that serves the public and protects the freedom of the public; not one that we currently have that serves the interests, almost in its entirity now, of the state.”

“There has to be massive reform of the police. Certainly weeding out all of these psychopaths they have been pulling in and hiring over years and years and years; to transform the nature of the police.”

“…And the decent police officers – and there are many! – who just want to do a decent job for the community; they have to be allowed to take preeminence and prominence again. …And the power of the psychopaths removed.”

“…And that includes the big-wigs in the police, who have hired the psychopaths.”

“These [fascistic] people, – I keep saying it and I keep saying it – these people, in all these different countries, they have to go before Nuremberg-like trials. For crimes against Humanity.”

“The media is at war with Humanity. …The mainstream media is there to serve the interests of the cult.”


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