The ‘R.A.I.N.S List’ – Joan Coleman.


Over the course of her career, highly experienced and qualified child psychologist, Joan Coleman, compiled and collated: ‘The RAINS List’:

The list is populated by child abuse criminals repeatedly named by multiple child-rape victims, independant of each other. Those suspects that were named to Coleman by a single witness do not feature on this list.

The RAINS List is littered with household names and celebrities, adding increased validity to the continual and exponentially increasing numbers of disclosures of high ranking VIPs and dignitries currently in effect.

Sir David Frost

“Mentioned as attending some ceremonies, not simply that he married into the Norfolk family.”

Virginia Bottomley

“Secretary of State for Health during early 1990s. She authorised Jean La Fontaine’s research into Organised and Ritual Abuse and when the report came out she announced on BBC Radio 4 that she was delighted that the myth of ritual abuse had been exploded. Was mentioned frequently by Veronica Hook in considerable detail.”
Locations: Godalming, Surrey / Isle of Wight


(with UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson)

Michael Barrymore

 “TV personality and presenter. [Death of Stuart Lubbock]”


Charles Clarke MP

“Former Labour Education Secretary, late Home Secretary. Master. His name has been mentioned by other RAINS member who has no connections with Helen, She told me that her client was abused frequently by him and also taken abroad for further abuse.”

Michael Portillo

“Journalist, broadcaster & former MP. Conservative Cabinet Minister.”

(with UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson)

Lord Robert McAlpine

“Father of Alistair McAlpine (many allegations of child sexual abuse made about Alistair before and after his death).”

Catholic Bishop Rev. Crispian Hollis, Portsmouth

“Referred to by group in text to me on day of Pope John Paul’s funeral, as being ‘so good to us’. He has also been mentioned by a male survivor with whom another RAINS member is working. This young man lived in Portsmouth and he said that Crispian Hollis organised the group he was abused by.”

Head of Roman Catholic Church, Britain. (Mentioned in same text by group). Years ago when he was Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, I met him and tried to talk to him about SRA. He was very dismissive. Was responsible for moving several RC Priests to other Dioceses when there were allegations of Child Abuse, including one whom he transferred to London Airport, who was later convicted and imprisoned. Has been mentioned by another unconnected survivor.”

Terry Grange - Chief Constable, Dyfed/Powys

Chief Constable, Dyfed-Powys. [Died May 2012] On fringe. Helps groups. In Jan 2005, I was asked by Lee Moore to write to him in his capacity as bolder of Violent Crimes Portfolio for ACPO, supporting her request for a national Police Unit to be set up, to deal with the subject of Ritual Crime and Abuse. She received a scathing reply, of which I was sent a copy, stating that there is no evidence, past or present, that SRA is a reality. He referred to JLF’s research and maintained that there were ‘myths’ in the early 90’s resulting in children being taken into care, but as soon as the allegations were dismissed the children were returned home. He himself has now been discredited. On May 6th 2008 IPCC upheld 4 allegations made by his former mistress regarding misuse of police funds & computer. Subsequently requested retirement which the authority accepted [ExPolice Chief Home Stormed  Judge sex abuse case to be reopened. Died of cancer may 2012] .”

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor
(with UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair)

Richard Ingrams

Former Editor of Private Eye, current Editor of The Oldie magazine for the over SO’s, founded in 1992. 1st edition ever, 21st Feb 1992, contained an article by Rosie Waterhouse, entitled A Modern Witch Hunt giving details of a RAINS Meeting (7°’ Feb. 1992) held in Nottingham, to which we naively invited JLF. She was not mentioned in the article but I was, in some detail. Pals have seen R.l’s name in same file as those of JLF, Tony Baker, Bill Thompson and Rosie Waterhouse. (R.I. was seen by them at ceremony 21-22 March, I heard later).”

Bob Woffinden

“Journalist. Wrote sceptical article about SRA for Private Eye. Wrote anonymously. Has written other articles in similar vein. Said to be friendly with Margaret Hodge and JLF.”

Peter Mandelson

“Former M.P. 11.03.06, British Commissioner for Trade since 2004. Involved in cult in France and Brussels. Likes boys. Pays cult cash for rent boys but seems to be part of it. He ordered severe torture prior to murder of boy Kevin, aged 17, a runaway from Newcastle, who had some hold over him and was blackmailing him. Kevin was tortured and killed. Body dumped in sea, South coast, after being cut up.”

(with UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson)

Lord Charles Falconer

Lord Chancellor (Justice) / Secretary of State for Justice / Shadow Justice Secretary

Dame Margaret Hodge, 'Lady Hodge', DBE (née Oppenheimer)

“Previously on Islington Council. Friends with Ruth Kelly, JLF, Bob Woffinden and Lord Montagu. Very dismissive of SRA case.”

Professor Gisli Gudjonnson

“London University Prof. In with BFMS. Frequently acts as Expert Witness, esp. in Child Abuse cases and SRA cases. Paid £6,000 by cults for every SRA case he successfully discredits. Associated with Tony Baker, Charles Clarice, Bill Thompson and JLF.”

Peter Hain MP

“Formerly, Secretary of State for Wales & Secretary for Work and Pensions, until Jan 2008 when he resigned from ministerial office over his failure to declare donations to his campaign for Deputy Leadership of Labour Party. Also in cult records as having attended Satanic meetings in Masonic Hall twice this year. Unlikely anyone could attend without being members of cult.”

Sir Matthew Farrer

“Private Solicitor to the Queen. Described by S as ‘ordinary looking’. There was an article about him, with a photo of him sitting reading a newspaper at a bus stop, in the Daily Mail on 25th February 1993. The title was ‘The Invisible Man’, He was first mentioned by VH in 1994. She referred to him as Kali. She said he was the HP in her group. I showed her the photo of him with all writing removed and she immediately responded, ‘That’s Kali’. He was at aß flat in London and a large house in Charlwood, near Crawley, E.Surrey.”
RAINS List - Joan Coleman

Elton John

RAINS List - Joan Coleman

Dale Winton

RAINS List - Joan Coleman

Pam St Clement

RAINS List - Joan Coleman

Sir Ian McKellen

KD Lang RAINS List - Joan Coleman

KD Lang


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