Gigi Young – In Plain Sight: ‘Why People Practice Sacrifice’


Premiere: In Plain Sight – Why Do People Practice Occult Sacrifice

The practice of sacrifice in occult ritual is a taboo topic despite it being a deep, disturbing and very real part of human history. In this episode of In Plain Sight, Gigi goes into detail describing the esoteric dynamics of why this practice is done, including examples in history and direct comparisons between the left and right hand paths in the occult.

Through this lecture we begin to understand:

  • Why do some people choose to practice sacrifice?
  • The original dynamic and ‘light’ aspect of sacrifice/alchemy
  • What happens to their energy and life force when they participate in such acts?
  • Lemuria and Atlantis as originators of modern day esoteric practices.

Examples of sacrifice in our history. To bring the practice into focus Gigi uses examples from Rudolf Steiner’s lecture “The After Effects of the Atlantean Mysteries in America and Asia”. Through this lecture we are drawn deep into the heart of the Aztec culture exploring one of the most controversial and dark practices: Human Sacrifice. Through this examination we see how patterns and impulses from Atlantis carried on and took new forms in our time.

We are also introduced to lower astral entities, in this case ‘gods’ who demand sacrifice. Through this lens we can see that these dark and repulsive rituals are part of a satanic system of influence that has been trying to take root in our world for a very long time.

Ultimately, through this episode we come to understand the direct reasons why dark occult groups do this. The best way to prevent address this type of destructive practice is to confront it, and perhaps most importantly be educated about it.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture:…

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Blood Sacrifice Elementals and Portals:


Premiere: In Plain Sight – Why Do People Practice Occult Sacrifice



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