Samantha Baldwin – Open Letter to HM Judges

Judge Jeremy Lea

This is an open letter to all the judges who are responsible for the horror that my sons are now living in.


Judge Jeremy Lea, you decided that my sons’ horrific abuse hadn’t happened.

You ignored their ABE interviews describing the horrors done to them.

You ignored mine and my families’ accounts of the boy’s disclosures, saying that we ‘put a sinister interpretation on what my sons were trying to tell me.’

(There’s only one way to interpret ‘Daddy wee’d in my mouth, daddy injected me, daddy pushed me under the water in the bath and killed me’, daddy’s friends hit me all over my body and touched my willy and bum, daddy said “if you tell anyone you’ll never see mummy again”).

You ignored my eldest son’s vivid descriptions of being injected by his father. He was cross examined many times by the police officer asking who had done it, he kept answering the same, daddy, daddy, daddy. He described the needle as feeling like a mosquito bite. He slumped down on the sofa to describe the effect that the injection had on him. But you ignored this.

You ignored the many testimonies by teachers and tutors describing how my sons’ behaviour changed dramatically after not seeing their father. How during the couple of years they didn’t see their abusers, they blossomed into happy children, instead of anxious, angry, depressed and clingy boys who wouldn’t let me out of their sight.

I was the one who brought the drugs analysis into court, after the police finally agreed to testing the hair samples that had been sat in the police forensic department for 16 months. I felt compelled to ask the police again once I had viewed my eldest son’s ABE interview and heard how much description he gave. The police tested the hair samples. They contained a number of sedatives; zolpidem (which is the current date rape drug of choice and used because it is extremely hard to detect, especially if only a small amount has been given), nordiazepam and temazepam (both of which are benzodiazepines). I had good faith at that time that you would protect my sons from their dangerous father.

Over three years’ ago you gave full custody to a child abuser, who had been sexually abusing my sons, and allowing others to do so for many years, for most of their lives, apart from the two years and a half years when I kept them safe after they disclosed. You said that me and or my mother had drugged my sons to set the father up. There is zero evidence to back up your claim. You ordered my sons to be ripped away from my arms in the middle of the night by 8 armed police officers, with ZERO evidence against me whatsoever.

What kind of people would do that?

I had forensic evidence in the form of questions that I had asked experts in relation to the timing of the administration of the sedatives. It was conclusive that the judge’s theory in relation to the timing was impossible.

Any right-minded person could plainly see that my sons had been drugged for as far back as the hair samples would allow (7cm in my youngest son – average of 7 months of drugging, and 5.5 cm in my eldest son – an average of 5.5 months of drugging) taking the average hair growth rate of 1cm per months.

You have ignored my polygraph and my constant pleas that it wasn’t me and my mother who drugged my sons. According to the Ministry of Justice 89% accurate compared to the 51% balance of probabilities used in the family court. Why were mine ignored? Polygraphs have been used in some cases.

The courts of appeal are also complicit in allowing my sons to be abused by their dangerous father.

Lord McFarlane and Peter Jackson ignored the stacks of evidence that totally disprove the judge’s findings. You ignored expert evidence saying that it was much more likely that my sons had been drugged over a period of up to 9 months going back as far as March 2014 as opposed to as a small dose given from the mid-end December 2014.

You ignored the evidence proving that I went out of my way to make sure that my sons had healthy organic diets, how I had drug free labours with both sons, and decided not to have my youngest son MMR vaccinated because of the potential risks to health.

You said that I would be all the more reason more likely to drug my sons as I care about them.

In early 2019 an independent witness came forward with an allegation of abuse that he had witnessed, involving my youngest son. He described my son being unconscious. I then requested through the family court that both of my sons have hair strand test for drugs. The family court (this time Judge Keehan) refused. Are you scared that I would have proved myself innocent, and proved my ex husband to be the child abuser that he is?

In December 2017 there was an arson attack on my ex husband’s girlfriend’s house. The boys had just moved in days earlier and were away on a skiing holiday over Christmas. A man known to me for a short time was arrested and charged along with another unrelated arson attack on a school. The local authority wanted to make findings against me that I had been involved in the arson attack. After a fact finding with Justice Russell, she made findings that I had colluded to commit arson, because I knew the man. That was it. No evidence to back up her finding whatsoever.

Judge Lea, Lord McFarlane, Lord Jackson, Judge Keehan, Justice Russell and the other judge who refused me permission to appeal the arson attack finding, I hold you all responsible for ruining the lives of my precious sons who live in extreme danger.

I believe that you know what you have done. I believe that you know my ex husband is a paedophile who drugged and raped his own children, pimped them out to others and is involved in satanic ritual abuse.

What will it take for you to listen to me and give me back my sons? Will you be sitting back and waiting for that news report saying that my sons have been killed? Or will you say to me that ‘it’s nothing personal’ like Hogg did when she ignored Ellie and handed her back to her father who killed her.

Children have died being administered these drugs. But you could not care less could you? Children are nothing to you are they?

You, family court judges are nothing short of evil.

(Note on to say you gagged me so I cannot name names – I cannot name my son’s many abusers, nor can I even name MY sons).







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